Top Ideas for Bath Tub Refinishing & Resurfacing

Is your bathtub or shower worn and looking worn-out? Do you have initial bathroom components and counters from the 60’s or 70’s in those out-of-date colors? Are you coping with the previous owner’s embellishing plan? Have you put off renovating your bathroom due to the fact that of the high cost or the disturbance throughout the work? If you addressed ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be time to resurface the tub, tiles and counter top in your bathroom. If you’re looking for the best company in Sydney that provides these services then we recommend getting in touch with Inner Bath in Sydney

Resurfacing can make it appear like brand brand-new

Some people say there’s nothing like a newly redesigned bathroom. And they’re partially right. Of course, a completely redesigned bathroom has its benefits, but you ‘d be stunned how resurfacing existing fixtures and countertops (and a maybe a paint task) can rejuvenate a bathroom with a whole makeover – at a portion of the expense of renovation.

Along with bathroom resurfacing, you’ll definitely want to get other renovation work done especially if you want to give your bathroom the perfect setting. If that’s the case then you’ll probably need to get in touch with a professional plumber service such as Murphys Plumbing in Melbourne. These guys are renowned for their work in all areas of bathroom plumbing.

Conserve cash, time and inconvenience

The average expense of replacing a bathtub is in between $2,000 to $3,000, but you can refinish it in your choice of colors for about one fifth that quantity. And with refinishing you do not have the mess, hassle and added expenditure of demolition, consisting of pipes, and replacing or repairing the walls and floors around tub which are damaged throughout removal.

Refinishing also conserves time

Refinishing a tub can take 4 or 5 hours and you can shower or shower in it the next day. And you can refinish the other fixtures, countertops and tiles in a matter of days. Changing a tub can take weeks – and if it’s your only bathtub, that can include up to a whole lot of hassle.

Resurfacing can fix chips and fractures

Sure, a new tub can last several years, but a refinished tub can last 15 to Twenty Years, or more with proper maintenance (see below). Refinishing is also an ideal option for fixing small chips and fractures in fixtures that are otherwise in great condition, if it’s a problem more than just a chip or fracture then you might have to call in Murphys Plumbing to replace the part completely, this can sometimes involve going through other testing to make sure the problem doesn’t come back after some time, in some cases you might even have to get a complete backflow testing and prevention service done. Judith from Easthampton, Mass., is still satisfied with the appearance and feel of her refinished tub. “It’s been approximately 14 years – my tub still looks excellent and is simple to clean. Prior to refinishing it was pitted, porous and difficult to tidy”.

Can be utilized on lots of surface areas

Refinishing can have incredible results on a variety of surfaces, including porcelain, cultured marble, ceramic and fiberglass. But it should be finished with the best products and methods. Be sure to ask for how long the resurfacing business has been in service, and check recommendations from jobs done at least three years ago. More recent resurfacing tasks will all look fantastic and you won’t see how they use over time. Also, many resurfacing business provide service warranties, so prior to employing a refinishing specialist, consider how they guarantee their work.

BONUS: How to take care of your refinished surfaces

It is suggested to use cleaning products developed particularly for tubs and tiles. Avoid cleaners which contain bleach, citrus or any kind of abrasives. Citrus items and commercial strength cleaners consist of acids that can etch your refinishing over time, and bleach can trigger staining, you might end up doing further damage and then requiring shower repairing services all over again. Utilize a sponge or soft fabric when wiping the refinished bathtub or tile surface. Never ever utilize green scrub pads or items such as Comet, Ajax or SoftScrub, as these will scratch the finish.

Avoid utilizing any kind of suction-mounted products like soap dishes, and specifically suctioned bathtub mats. With time they will pull off the coating. Likewise, it is best to prevent bathing pets or cats in a resurfaced tub, as their claws can harm the surface. If you have no alternative, use a soft rubber pad or bathtub mat and attempt to be extremely mindful. And make certain all children’s bath toys are made of soft rubber or plastic. Metal can scratch the surface area.

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