A beautiful bathroom

Bathroom Renovations: Where to begin

A bathroom is the one place in the house where you can truly relax, that’s if it has been designed to resemble a place of tranquility. Unfortunately for most, that isn’t the case. However, fortunately for most, bathroom renovations can be a fun and exciting project.

Once you have decided to take on a bathroom renovation, you must make a plan on how you are going to tackle the project. There are so many different aspects to consider when it comes to planning a new bathroom design. Of course, if you are anything like me, you are going to want to jump straight in and pick out an amazing bath and shower, but in reality, that should be one of the final steps. I have compiled four steps, which should make the process nice and easy for you, whilst covering all the necessities. Even though it’s quite easy to jump in and start planning an extravagant bathroom, you are only going to be left feeling disappointed if your dreams don’t match your reality that is the budget and space you have to work with.

First things first, you need to sit down and work out a budget. It is so important to establish this before you even begin to look at or start planning anything. One major thing to consider is whether you are going to make your bathroom renovation a DIY or part DIY project or if you are going to hire contractors to complete the whole thing. Not only will this affect your budget but also the time it will take to complete the project. I would suggest breaking your budget into different components as it will make it easier for you to figure out how much you can spend on different things. For example, I would decide how much I could afford to spend on contractors, tiles and paint, large items such as the bath, shower and vanity unit and how much is left for accessories, such as a towel rail and mirror. Once you have this sorted, you will be ready to move onto the next step.                                                                                                        

Next up, you will need to figure out certain measurements. I’m talking exactly how much room you have altogether and how much room you have for each item. This will allow you to decide exactly what items you can have in your bathroom, and where they are going to go. For example, you may want a large spa bath and a large shower in your bathroom but you may only have space to fit one. Of course you may be able to compromise by having a small bath and a large shower or so on, but you won’t know any of this until you measure!

Once you have your measurements sorted, the fun really begins! It is time to begin shopping! Or at least thinking about shopping anyway. Before you step into a store it is imperative to have a fair idea of the style or theme you want for your entire bathroom. Do you want stone, granite or bright coloured pavers? Do you want a white or black bath? A glass or white shower? For the end result to look good, everything needs to coordinate. For example, a grey tiled wall and a grey tiled bath may look great seperately, but they are going to look a little bit ridiculous in the same bathroom! Just make sure you have a clear idea of what it is you want before you buy anything.

The finishing touches is what really makes a bathroom stand out. I’m talking light fixtures, taps, shower heads, mirrors, towels, etc, the small things that can make all the difference to the entire room. Again, it is imperative to continue on with your desired theme when it comes to using accessories.

Overall, a bathroom renovation is going to be a massive project, but once you see the finished product I can assure you, it will be worth every minute and every cent. Just make sure you enjoy the process!

Image sourced from VK Bathrooms.