5 Décor Ideas That Make Small Space Feel Bigger

Small rooms that are poorly furnished can make you feel cramped and fidgety. But if smartly decorated, they can look more spacious, inviting and comfortable. There are certain decor tricks which can give a small room illusion of being wider. Everything must be placed contemplatively in it to get the most out of your space.

Here are 5 clever décor ideas that can help you make any area seem expanded and more appealing.

Clear the Clutter

Having too much stuff makes a big room appear small. The first thing you must do is to get rid of the clutter! Any room tends to get messy with time as we pile it with useless items. The shelves and cabinets are more inclined to get disordered and make your room look more constricted.

Removing the unnecessary stuff will innately make any room look spacious. Always keep your rooms tidy and well organized. Implement a minimalist design and arrange everything neatly to make your space more open and airy.

Stick with Light Colors

Light colors make any area look wider and livelier. Although the darker shades can give a warm and cozy feel to your home, it’s best to stay away from them if you are dealing with smaller spaces.  Stick with neutral tones and soft shades of cool colors such as white, beige, blue or green.

Color coordination is incredibly significant to create unity in an area. Persist with different shades of the same hue while choosing colors for walls, furniture, and accessories. This will give your room a wider and open feel.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors have the power to broaden any room by reflecting light. No matter where you place them, they would instantly make the room look enlarged as well as classy.

The best position for the mirror is in front of the window where natural light hits the most, and it can reflect the beautiful view. Place them strategically so that they can reflect artificial light as well during the night time.

It’s not necessary to use one big mirror. You can also go for two or more depending on your area.

Have Multiple Rugs

A room’s decor is incomplete without a rug. It gives warmth to the room and connects all your furniture to give a unified look. We often tend to use one big rug in a room which can make it look further congested.

The smart solution is to use multiple rugs to separate one room into smaller spaces. Not only would it look chic, but it would also give the illusion of having a wider area.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Another clever way is to have multi-functional furniture and hidden storage. This way there would be less stuff showing in the room, making it clutter-free, more airy, and wide.

Simplify your room by opting for furniture that can be folded and put away when not in use. For example, dining table with drop sides is ideal for smaller homes. You can easily fold the sides and make it smaller.  Similarly, opt for an ottoman instead of a regular coffee table. You can use it as a table or an extra seat depending upon the requirement.




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